advantage (v.) 1
benefit, help, aid
H5 IV.i.277 [King Henry alone] the peace, / Whose hours the peasant best advantages [or: benefit from]
JC III.i.242 [Brutus aside to Cassius, of letting Antony speak] It shall advantage more than do us wrong
MM III.i.255 [disguised Duke to Isabella, of his plan] by this is ... the poor Mariana advantaged
Tem I.i.32 [Gonzalo to all, of the Boatswain] Make the rope of his destiny our cable, for our own doth little advantage [i.e. doesn't help us much]
TG III.ii.42 [Duke to Proteus, of Valentine] your good word cannot advantage him
Ven 950 [Venus as if to death] What may a heavy groan advantage thee?