chair (n.) 1
2H4 IV.v.95 [King Henry IV to Prince Henry] Dost thou so hunger for mine empty chair
3H6 I.i.168 [Warwick to all, of York] the chair of state, where now he sits
3H6 I.i.51 [King to all, of York] look where the sturdy rebel sits, / Even in the chair of state!
3H6 I.iv.97 [Queen to her followers, of York] this is he that took King Henry's chair
3H6 [Clifford alone, as if to the King] hadst thou swayed as kings should do ... thou this day hadst kept thy chair in peace [also: passed a quiet old age]
3H6 V.v.19 [Prince to Edward] Resign thy chair
R3 IV.iv.469 [King Richard to Derby, of the throne] Is the chair empty?
R3 V.iii.252 [Richmond to his soldiers, of King Richard] A base foul stone, made precious by the foil / Of England's chair