chance (v.) 1
happen [to], transpire, come about
2H4 I.i.87 [Northumberland to Morton] He that but fears the thing he would not know / Hath by instinct knowledge from others' eyes / That what he feared is chanced
2H4 IV.iv.20 [King Henry IV to Clarence] How chance thou art not with the Prince thy brother?
AC III.iv.13 [Octavia to Antony, of the impending quarrel with Caesar] If this division chance
CE I.ii.42 [Antipholus of Syracuse to Dromio of Ephesus] How chance thou are returned so soon?
Ham II.ii.329 [Hamlet to Rosencrantz, of the Players] How chances it they travel?
JC III.i.287 [Antony to Servant, of Octavius] Post back with speed, and tell him what hath chanced
JC V.iv.32 [Antony to all] bring us word unto Octavius' tent / How every thing is chanced
KL II.iv.61 [disguised Kent to Gentleman and Fool] How chance the King comes with so small a number?
MM I.ii.152 [Claudio to Lucio] it chances / The stealth ... too gross is writ on Juliet
MW V.v.209 [Page to Mistress Page] how chance you went not with Master Slender?
Per III.ii.75 [Cerimon to Second Gentleman, of the time of Thaisa's death] This chanced tonight
Per IV.i.22 [Dionyza to Marina] How chance my daughter is not with you?
TC I.i.27 [Pandarus to Troilus] you must stay the cooling too, or you may chance to burn your lips
TC III.i.134 [Paris to Pandarus, of the battlefield] How chance my brother Troilus went not?
Tim V.i.124 [Second Senator to Flavius, of Timon] Bring us to him, / And chance it as it may
Tit III.ii.83 [Titus to Lavinia, of reading] Sad stories chanced in the times of old
WT I.ii.11 [Polixenes to Leontes] I am questioned by my fears of what may chance / Or breed upon our absence