character (n.) 1
distinctive sign, stamp, trait
2H4 I.ii.182 [Lord Chief Justice to Falstaff] Do you set down your name in the scroll of youth, that are written down old with all the characters of age?
E3 III.iii.127 [King Edward to Charles, of Audley] within his face / Time hath engraved deep characters of age
MM I.i.27 [Duke to Angelo] There is a kind of character in thy life / That to th'observer doth thy history / Fully unfold [or: cipher]
MM I.ii.154 [Claudio to Lucio] our most mutual entertainment / With character too gross is writ on Juliet
TC V.ii.167 [Troilus to Ulysses, of expressing his passion] that shall be divulged well / In characters as red as Mars his heart
TNK IV.ii.110 [Pirithous to Theseus, of one of Palamon's knights] His nose stands high, a character of honour