cause (n.) 4
affair, business, subject
2H6 III.i.289 [Cardinal to all, of rebellion in Ireland] What counsel give you in this weighty cause?
H5 I.i.45 [Canterbury to Ely, of King Henry] Turn him to any cause of policy, / The Gordian knot of it he will unloose
JC V.i.48 [Octavius to all] Come, come, the cause [i.e. the matter in hand]
LLL V.ii.787 [Princess to King] If for my love - as there is no such cause - / You will do aught
Luc 1295 [Lucrece to Maid, of sending a letter quickly] The cause craves haste
Mac III.i.33 [Macbeth to Banquo] tomorrow ... we shall have cause of state / Craving us jointly
Tit II.iv.9 [Chiron to Demetrius, of Lavinia] An 'twere my cause, I should go hang myself
TS IV.iv.26 [Pedant as Vincentio to Baptista, of Tranio as Lucentio] a weighty cause / Of love between your daughter and himself