catch (v.) 1
seize, get hold of, capture
3H6 III.ii.179 [Richard alone] I ... / Torment myself to catch the English crown
KJ I.i.173 [Bastard to Queen Eleanor] have is have, however men do catch
MA V.ii.12 [Benedick to Margaret] Thy wit is as quick as the greyhound's mouth; it catches
Mac I.v.16 [Lady Macbeth alone, of Macbeth] Yet do I fear thy nature: / It is too full o'the milk of human-kindness / To catch the nearest way
Mac I.vii.3 [Macbeth alone, of the King] If the assassination / Could trammel up the consequence, and catch / With his surcease success
MND III.ii.30 [Puck to Oberon] From yielders all things catch
RJ IV.v.48 [Lady Capulet to herself, of Juliet's life] cruel death hath catched it from my sight