annoy (v.)
harm, molest, hurt, injure
2H6 III.i.67 [King to all] the care you have of us, / To mow down thorns that would annoy our foot, / Is worthy praise
Cym IV.iii.34 [Cymbeline to First Lord] We fear not / What can from Italy annoy us
H5 II.ii.102 [King Henry to Scroop] foreign hire / Could out of thee extract one spark of evil / That might annoy my finger
JC I.iii.22 [Casca to Cicero, of a lion] went surly by, / Without annoying me
JC II.i.160 [Cassius to all, of Antony's influence] may well stretch so far / As to annoy us all
TS I.i.181 [Tranio to Lucentio, of keeping Bianca at home] Because she will not be annoyed with suitors