cavil (v.)
dispute over details, raise pointless objections
1H4 III.i.134 [Hotspur to all] in the way of bargain ... / I'll cavil on the ninth part of a hair
1H6 V.iv.156 [Reignier aside to Charles] you do not well in obstinacy / To cavil in the course of this contract
3H6 I.i.117 [Montague to Richard] Let's fight it out and not stand cavilling thus
3H6 III.ii.99 [Edward to Lady Grey] You cavil, widow
Luc 1025 [Lucrece to herself] In vain I cavil with mine infamy
Luc 1093 [of Lucrece] Thus cavils she with every thing she sees
TG I.i.38 [Proteus to Valentine] 'Tis Love you cavil at