contend (v.) 2
compete, vie, rival
2H6 III.ii.384 [Queen to Suffolk] Why only ... mourn I not for thee, / And with the southern clouds contend in tears
3H6 II.v.2 [King alone] the morning's war, / When dying clouds contend with growing light
AW I.i.61 [Countess to Bertram] Thy blood and virtue / Contend for empire in thee
Mac [Lady Macbeth to King] All our service ... / Were poor and single business to contend / Against those honours deep and broad wherewith / Your majesty loads our house
MV III.ii.141 [Bassanio to Portia, of himself] Like one of two contending in a prize
Per I.ii.17 [Pericles alone, of Antiochus] 'Gainst whom I am too little to contend
Per IV.Chorus.30 [Gower alone] This Philoten contends in skill / With absolute Marina