cry (v.) 1
speak loudly, shout out, proclaim
AW II.i.17 [King to Lords] fame may cry you loud
H8 I.i.27 [Norfolk to Buckingham, of the French] Now this masque / Was cried incomparable
Ham II.ii.437 [Hamlet to First Player] whose judgements in such matters cried in the top of mine
KL V.i.48 [disguised Edgar to Albany] let but the herald cry
MW II.iii.81 [Host to Caius] Cried game? [unclear meaning]
R2 III.ii.102 [King Richard to Scroop] Cry woe, destruction, ruin, and decay
Tim II.i.20 [Senator to Caphis, of Timon] tell him / My uses cry to me
WT I.ii.411 [Camillo to Polixenes] mark my counsel ... or both yourself and me / Cry lost, and so good night
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match (n.) 5