credit (n.) 3
reputation, name, standing, honour
1H6 IV.i.36 [Talbot to all] Knights of the Garter were ... grown to credit by the wars [i.e. achieved a high reputation]
2H6 II.iii.71 [Second Prentice to Peter] Fight for the credit of the prentices
3H6 III.iii.116 [Warwick to Lewis, of Edward's right to be king] Thereon I pawn my credit
AW I.i.76 [Lafew to Helena] You must hold the credit of your father
AW II.i.123 [King to Helena] to dissever so / Our great self and our credit
AYL I.i.119 [Charles to Oliver] I wrestle for my credit
H8 III.ii.265 [Wolsey to all, of Surrey] all else / This talking lord can lay upon my credit
LLL IV.i.26 [Princess to all] Thus will I save my credit in the shoot
Per IV.ii.28 [Pander to Bawd] our credit comes not in like the commodity
TNK [Theseus to Emilia] it concerns your credit
TS IV.ii.107 [Tranio as Lucentio to Pedant, of Vincentio] His name and credit shall you undertake