assured (adj.) 1
certain, definite, sure
KJ II.i.534 [Austria to Lewis the Dauphin and Blanche, of kissing] I am well assured / That I did so when I was first assured [first instance]
KL [Gloucester to disguised Kent, of Lear] his life, / With thine ... / Stand in assured loss
KL IV.vii.56 [Lear to all] Would I were assured / Of my condition
MV I.iii.27 [Bassanio to Shylock, responding to 'I may take his bond'] Be assured you may
Sonn 118.10 [] Thus policy in love t'anticipate / The ills what were not, grew to faults assured
Tim V.i.95 [Timon to Poet and Painter, of a knave] Yet remain assured / That he's a made-up villain
TS I.ii.153 [Lucentio as Cambio to Gremio] I'll ... stand you so assured, / As firmly as yourself were still in place