clear (adj.) 2
innocent, blameless, free from fault, not guilty
3H6 III.iii.183 [Warwick to Lewis, of Edward's marriage] I am clear from this misdeed of Edward's
AC V.ii.122 [Cleopatra to Caesar] I cannot project mine own cause so well / To make it clear
Mac II.i.28 [Banquo to Macbeth] So I ... still keep / My bosom franchised and allegiance clear
MW III.iii.109 [Mistress Page to Mistress Ford] If you know yourself clear, why, I am glad of it
Per I.i.142 [Pericles alone, of Antiochus] lest my life be cropped to keep you clear
Per [Lysimachus to Marina] Persever in that clear way thou goest
Tim III.iii.31 [Servant alone, of the devil] in the end the villainies of man will set him clear
Tim III.v.39 [First Senator to Alcibiades] You cannot make gross sins look clear