apprehend (v.) 1
seize, arrest, lay hold of
3H6 III.i.71 [Second Keeper to King, of Edward] we ... / Will apprehend you as his enemy
H5 II.ii.2 [Exeter to Bedford, of the conspirators] They shall be apprehended by and by
KL I.ii.79 [Gloucester to Edmund, of Edgar] I'll apprehend him
LLL I.i.262 [King reading Armado's letter to him, of Jaquenetta] which I apprehended with the aforesaid swain
MW IV.v.107 [Falstaff to Mistress Quickly] I was like to be apprehended for the witch of Brainford
Oth I.ii.77 [Brabantio to Othello] I therefore apprehend, and do attach thee / For an abuser of the world
RJ V.iii.53 [Paris to himself, of Romeo] I will apprehend him
TN V.i.84 [Antonio to Orsino, of Viola as Cesario] being apprehended, his false cunning ... / Taught him to face me out of his acquaintance