answer (v.) 14
account for, justify, defend
Cym III.v.42 [Cymbeline to Attendant, of Innogen] How can her contempt be answered? [or: responded to]
Ham III.iv.177 [Hamlet to Gertrude, of Polonius] I ... will answer well / The death I gave him
Ham IV.i.16 [Claudius to Gertrude, of Polonius' death] how shall this bloody deed be answered?
KJ IV.ii.89 [Pembroke to King John, of Arthur's supposed death] This must be answered - either here or hence
Oth I.i.120 [Brabantio to Roderigo] This thou shalt answer
TNK [Palamon to Theseus, of Arcite] This treachery ... / I called him now to answer [i.e. in combat]