avouch (v.) 1
declare, assert, affirm
H5 V.ii.232 [King Henry to Katherine] avouch the thoughts of your heart with the looks of an empress
KL II.iv.232 [Regan to Lear, of her view] I dare avouch it
KL V.i.44 [disguised Edgar to Albany, of Gonerill's letter] prove / What is avouched there
Mac V.v.47 [Macbeth to all, of the Messenger's report] If this which he avouches does appear
MND I.i.106 [Lysander to Theseus] Demetrius - I'll avouch it to his head - / Made love to ... Helena
MW II.i.125 [Nym to Page, of Falstaff's plan] I avouch 'tis true
R3 I.iii.114 [Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of his accusation] I will avouch't in presence of the King
TC II.ii.85 [Troilus to all] If you'll avouch 'twas wisdom Paris went ... why do you now / The issue of your proper wisdoms rate
WT IV.iii.22 [Autolycus singing] my account I well may give, / And in the stocks avouch it
WT V.ii.62 [Third Gentleman to all, of the fate of Antigonus] This avouches the shepherd's son