compliment, complement (n.) 2
ceremony, etiquette, protocol
AC IV.iv.32 [Antony to Cleopatra] worthy shameful check it were to stand / On more mechanic compliment
KJ I.i.201 [Bastard alone, of replying to a question] in dialogue of compliment [i.e. mutual flattery]
KJ [Bastard to Hubert] Sans compliment, what news abroad?
KL I.i.301 [Gonerill to Regan, of Lear] There is further compliment of leave-taking between France and him
KL V.iii.231 [Albany to all, of receiving Kent] The time will not allow the compliment / Which very manners urges
LLL IV.ii.141 [Holofernes to Jaquenetta] Stay not thy compliment; I forgive thy duty [F complement]
MA IV.i.314 [Beatrice to Benedick] manhood is melted into curtsies, valour into compliment
RJ II.ii.89 [Juliet to Romeo] But farewell compliment!