circumstance (n.) 3
special argument, detailed explanation
CE V.i.16 [Angelo to Antipholus of Syracuse] With circumstance and oaths so to deny / This chain
R3 I.ii.77 [Richard to Anne] give me leave / By circumstance but to acquit myself
R3 I.ii.80 [Anne to Richard] give me leave / By circumstance to accuse thy cursed self
TC III.iii.114 [Ulysses to Achilles, of his book's author] Who in his circumstance expressly proves / That no man is the lord of any thing
TG I.i.36 [Proteus to Valentine] by your circumstance, you call me fool? [pun: 37, sense 4]
TG I.i.84 [Speed to Proteus, responding to 'and thy master a shepherd'] that I can deny by a circumstance
TG III.ii.36 [Proteus to Duke, of slander against Valentine] it must with circumstance be spoken