crop (v.) 1
cut down, remove, hack off
1H4 V.iv.72 [Prince Hal to Hotspur] all the budding honours on thy crest / I'll crop to make a garland for my head
1H6 I.i.80 [First Messenger to nobles] Cropped are the flower-de-luces in your arms
1H6 II.iv.41 [Vernon to all] he upon whose side / The fewest roses are cropped from the tree / Shall yield the other
E3 III.iii.40 [Prince Edward to King Edward, of King John] I feared he would have cropped our smaller power
Per I.i.142 [Pericles alone] lest my life be cropped
R2 II.i.134 [John of Gaunt to King Richard] thy unkindness be like crooked age, / To crop at once a too-long withered flower
R3 I.ii.247 [Richard alone, of his killing Edward, son of Henry VI] That cropped the golden prime of this sweet prince