conceive (v.) 1
understand, comprehend, follow
2H4 II.ii.108 [Poins to Prince Henry] 'How comes that?' says he that takes upon him not to conceive
AC II.iv.6 [Maecenas to Lepidus] We shall, / As I conceive the journey, be at th'Mount / Before you
AYL I.ii.256 [Le Beau to Orlando, of Duke Frederick] what he is, indeed, / More suits you to conceive than I to speak of
KL I.i.11 [Kent to Gloucester] I cannot conceive you [pun: 12; 'make pregnant' ]
KL IV.ii.24 [Gonerill to Edmund] Conceive [i.e. imagine what this implies]
MM II.iv.141 [Angelo to Isabella] Plainly conceive, I love you
MND IV.i.210 [Bottom alone] man's hand is not able to taste, his tongue to conceive, nor his heart report what my dream was!
MW I.i.226 [Shallow to Slender] conceive me ... sweet coz
RJ II.iv.48 [Mercutio to Romeo] Can you not conceive?
Tem IV.i.50 [Ariel to Prospero] I conceive
Tim [Sempronius to other Lords] I do conceive
TNK I.ii.48 [Palamon to Arcite] by mine own [speech] / I may be reasonably conceived
TS I.ii.268 [Hortensio to Tranio as Lucentio, of the situation] well you do conceive
TS V.ii.22 [Widow to Katherina, of Petruchio] Thus I conceive by him [i.e. that is how I think of him]
TS V.ii.24 [Hortensio to Petruchio] My widow says thus she conceives her tale