clear (adj.) 1
pure, spotless, faultless
KL [disguised Edgar to Gloucester] the clearest gods ... have preserved thee
Luc 11 [of Lucrece's face] the clear unmatched red and white
Luc 382 [] Collatine ... / In his clear bed might have reposed still
Mac I.vii.18 [Macbeth alone] this Duncan ... hath been / So clear in his great office
MV II.ix.42 [Arragon to himself] O that ... clear honour / Were purchased by the merit of the wearer!
Tem III.iii.83 [Ariel to Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio] heart's sorrow, / And a clear life ensuing
TNK I.i.31 [Third Queen to Emilia] for the sake / Of clear virginity
TNK V.iv.13 [Palamon to his knights] we are more clear spirits