covenant (n.)
contract, legal agreement, compact
1H6 V.iv.114 [Warwick to Richard, of a peace] It shall be with such strict and severe covenants
1H6 V.v.88 [King to Suffolk] Agree to any covenants
Cym I.v.140 [Posthumus to Iachimo] let there be covenants drawn between's
Cym I.v.162 [Iachimo to Posthumus] Your hand, a covenant
Cym II.iv.50 [Iachimo to Posthumus] If you keep covenant
Ham I.i.93 [Horatio to Marcellus and Barnardo, of King Hamlet's agreement with old Fortinbras] by the same covenant / And carriage of the article designed
TS II.i.127 [Petruchio to Baptista] Let specialties be therefore drawn between us, / That covenants may be kept on either hand