conference (n.) 1
conversation, talk, discourse
2H6 I.i.25 [Queen to King] The mutual conference that my mind hath had ... / With you ... / Makes me the bolder to salute my king / With ruder terms
3H6 II.ii.171 [Edward to Queen] Not willing any longer conference
3H6 III.iii.111 [Lewis to Queen, the Prince, and Oxford] stand aside / While I use further conference with Warwick
AC I.i.45 [Antony to Cleopatra] Let's not confound the time with conference harsh
AYL I.ii.247 [Orlando alone, of Rosalind] I cannot speak to her, yet she urged conference
CE V.i.62 [Adriana to Abbess, of Antipholus of Ephesus' infidelity] It was the copy of our conference
H8 II.iii.51 [Lord Chamberlain to Anne and Old Lady] What were't worth to know / The secret of your conference?
Ham III.i.1 [Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] drift of conference [Q2; F circumstance]
Ham III.i.186 [Polonius to Claudius, of Gertrude and Hamlet] in the ear / Of all their conference
JC IV.ii.17 [Lucilius to Brutus, of his reception by Cassius] not with ... such free and friendly conference, / As he hath used of old
LLL V.ii.260 [Boyet to himself, of ladies' conversations] Above the sense of sense, so sensible / Seemeth their conference
MA II.iii.216 [Benedick alone] The conference was sadly borne
MA III.i.25 [Hero to Ursula] look where Beatrice ... runs / Close by the ground, to hear our conference
Mac III.i.79 [Macbeth to Murderers, of information about Banquo] This I made good to you / In our last conference
MND II.ii.52 [Lysander to Hermia] Love takes the meaning in love's conference
TS II.i.245 [Petruchio to Katherina] thou with mildness entertain'st thy wooers, / With gentle conference