action (n.) 1
campaign, military action, strategy
2H4 I.iii.37 [Lord Bardolph to Hastings, of the war] the instant action, a cause on foot
2H4 IV.i.190 [Mowbray to Hastings] every idle, nice, and wanton reason, / Shall to the King taste of this action
AC II.ii.19 [Lepidus to Caesar and Antony] let not / A leaner action rend us
AC III.vii.68 [Canidius to Soldier, of Antony] his whole action grows / Not in the power on't [i.e. without thinking about his real strength]
Cor IV.vii.15 [Lieutenant to Aufidius, of Coriolanus] I wish ... you had not / Joined in commission with him, but either / Have borne the action of yourself, or else / To him had left it solely
Cor IV.vii.5 [Lieutenant to Aufidius] you are darkened in this action
Cor [Aufidius to First Conspirator, of Coriolanus] he sold the blood and labour / Of our great action
KJ II.i.233 [King John to Hubert, of himself] Forwearied in this action of swift speed
MA I.i.276 [Claudio to Don Pedro] When you went onward on this ended action
MA I.i.6 [Leonato to Messenger] How many gentlemen have you lost in this action?