blood (n.) 1
passion, feeling, strong emotion [especially sexual]
AW I.iii.126 [Countess to herself] Our blood to us, this to our blood is born [or: sense 3]
AYL V.iv.56 [Touchstone to Duke Senior] I press in here ... to swear and to forswear, according as marriage binds and blood breaks
H8 II.iii.103 [Anne to Old Lady, of her advancement] Would I had no being, / If this salute my blood a jot
Ham I.iii.116 [Polonius to Ophelia] When the blood burns
Ham I.iii.6 [Laertes to Ophelia, of Hamlet's favour to her] Hold it a fashion and a toy in blood
Ham III.ii.79 [Hamlet to Horatio] blood and judgement are so well commeddled
Ham III.iv.70 [Hamlet to Gertrude] The heyday in the blood is tame
Ham IV.iv.58 [Hamlet alone] Excitements of my reason and my blood
JC III.i.40 [Caesar to Metellus] Be not fond, / To think that Caesar bears such rebel blood
KJ V.ii.59 [Lewis the Dauphin to Salisbury, of people unlike him] Full warm of blood, of mirth, of gossiping
KL IV.ii.64 [Albany to Gonerill] Were't my fitness / To let these hands obey my blood
LC 162 []Nor gives it satisfaction to our blood, / That we must curb it upon others' proof
LC 183 [the woman to the reverend man] my offences that abroad you see / Are errors of the blood, none of the mind
LLL V.ii.795 [Princess to King, of living in a hermitage] If this austere insociable life / Change not your offer made in heat of blood
MA II.i.165 [Claudio alone] beauty is a witch / Against whose charms faith melteth into blood
MA II.iii.164 [Leonato to Don Pedro] wisdom and blood combating in so tender a body
MA IV.i.57 [Claudio to Hero] you are more intemperate in your blood / Than Venus
MM II.i.12 [Escalus to Angelo] the resolute acting of your blood
MM II.iv.15 [Angelo alone] Blood, thou art blood
MM V.i.469 [Escalus to Angelo] I am sorry ... [you] / Should slip so grossly ... in the heat of blood
MND I.i.68 [Theseus to Hermia] examine well your blood
MND I.i.74 [Theseus to Hermia, of nuns] Thrice blessed they that master so their blood
MV I.ii.18 [Portia to Nerissa] The brain may devise laws for the blood
Oth I.iii.324 [Iago to Roderigo] the blood and baseness of our natures
Oth II.i.220 [Iago to Roderigo] When the blood is made dull with the act of sport
Sonn 109.10 [] All frailties that besiege all kinds of blood
TC II.iii.29 [Thersites to Patroclus] Let thy blood be thy direction till thy death
TC III.i.126 [Paris to Helen, of Pandarus] He eats nothing but doves, love, and that breeds hot blood
TC III.ii.161 [Troilus to and of Cressida] Outliving beauty's outward, with a mind / That doth renew swifter than blood decays!
TC IV.i.16 [Diomedes to Aeneas] Our bloods are now in calm
Tem IV.i.53 [Prospero to Ferdinand and Miranda] The strongest oaths are straw / To th'fire i'th' blood
TNK V.i.141 [Emilia praying to Diana] who to thy female knights / Allowest no more blood than will make a blush