furnish (v.) 1
provide, supply, possess
AW I.i.67 [Countess to Bertram] What heaven more will, / That thee may furnish
CE IV.i.34 [Antipholus of Ephesus to Angelo] I am not furnished with the present money
H5 II.ii.87 [King Henry to all, of Cambridge] You know how apt our love was to accord / To furnish him with all appertinents
H8 III.ii.328 [Surrey to Wolsey] you have sent innumerable substance ... / To furnish Rome
JC III.i.66 [Caesar to all, of the world] 'tis furnished well with men
MM III.ii.199 [Escalus to Provost, of Claudio] Let him be furnished with divines
MV I.iii.55 [Shylock to Bassanio, of getting the money] Tubal ... / Will furnish me
MV II.iv.31 [Lorenzo to Gratiano, of Jessica] What gold and jewels she is furnished with
MV II.iv.9 [Lorenzo to all, of torchbearers] We have two hours / To furnish us
MV IV.i.156 [Clerk reading Bellario's letter, of Portia as Balthasar] He is furnished with my opinion
Tem II.ii.140 [Stephano to Caliban, of the bottle] I will furnish it anon with new contents
Tim III.i.20 [Flaminius to Lucullus, of Timon] hath sent to your lordship to furnish him