fit (v.) 4
supply [with what is fit], satisfy
AW II.i.90 [Lafew to King] I'll fit you
Cym V.v.21 [Cymbeline to Belarius, Arviragus, and Guiderius] I ... will fit you / With dignities becoming your estates
MA I.i.298 [Don Pedro to Claudio] I will fit thee with the remedy
MA II.iii.40 [Claudio to Don Pedro, of Benedick] We'll fit the hid-fox with a pennyworth [i.e. we'll pay him well for hiding so craftily] [F kid-fox]
TNK V.ii.11 [Doctor to Wooer, of the Gaoler's Daughter] when your fit comes, fit her home, and presently [second instance] [pun: fit (n.) 1]