fond (adj.) 2
foolish, trifling, frivolous
AW I.i.171 [Helena to Parolles] a world / Of pretty, fond, adoptious christendoms
AW V.iii.178 [Bertram to Lafew, of Diana] this is a fond and desperate creature
Ham I.v.99 [Hamlet alone] from the table of my memory / I'll wipe away all trivial fond records
MM II.ii.149 [Isabella to Angelo, of how to bribe him] Not with fond sicles of the tested gold [i.e. foolishly valued]
MND III.ii.114 [Puck to Oberon, of Lysander and Helena] Shall we their fond pageant see?
MND III.ii.317 [Helena to Hermia] You see how simple and how fond I am
MV II.ix.27 [Arragon to himself, of the caskets] the fool multitude that choose by show, / Not learning more than the fond eye doth teach
Oth II.i.136 [Desdemona to Iago] These are old fond paradoxes [F only]
Oth IV.i.196 [Iago to Othello, of Desdemona] If you are so fond over her iniquity, give her patent to offend