fancy (n.) 1
love, amorousness, infatuation
1H6 V.iii.91 [Suffolk to himself] so my fancy may be satisfied
AW I.i.96 [Helena alone, of Bertram] my idolatrous fancy / Must sanctify his relics
AW II.iii.167 [Bertram to King] I submit / My fancy to your eyes
AW V.iii.214 [Bertram to King] all impediments in fancy's course / Are motives of more fancy
AYL III.v.29 [Silvius to Phebe] the power of fancy
AYL IV.iii.102 [Oliver to Rosalind and Celia disguised, of Orlando] Chewing the food of sweet and bitter fancy
AYL V.iv.147 [Phebe to Silvius] Thy faith my fancy to thee doth combine
KL IV.ii.85 [Gonerill to herself] May all the building in my fancy pluck / Upon my hateful life
Luc 200 [Tarquin to himself] A martial man to be soft fancy's slave!
MA III.ii.29 [Don Pedro to Claudio, of Benedick] There is no appearance of fancy in him
MA III.ii.35 [Don Pedro to Claudio, of Benedick] he is no fool for fancy
MND I.i.155 [Hermia to Lysander] thoughts, and dreams, and sighs, / Wishes, and tears - poor fancy's followers
MND IV.i.162 [Demetrius to Theseus] Fair Helena in fancy following me
MV III.ii.63 [Song while Bassanio chooses a casket] Tell me where is fancy bred
PassP XVIII.4 [Pilgrim] Let reason rule things worthy blame, / As well as fancy's partial might
TC IV.iv.24 [Troilus to Cressida] the blest gods, as angry with my fancy ... take thee from me
TN I.i.14 [Orsino to all] So full of shapes is fancy
TN II.iv.33 [Orsino to Viola as Cesario] Our fancies are more giddy and unfirm
TN IV.i.61 [Sebastian to himself] Let fancy still my sense in Lethe steep
TN V.i.385 [Orsino to and of Viola] Orsino's mistress, and his fancy's queen!
TNK IV.ii.33 [Emilia alone] who can find the bent of woman's fancy? [i.e. the way her infatuation will go]
TNK IV.ii.52 [Emilia alone] What a mere child is fancy
TNK V.iv.118 [Theseus to Palamon, of Emilia] you first saw her, and / Even then proclaimed your fancy
WT IV.iv.479 [Florizel to Camillo, responding to his 'Be advised'] I am, and by my fancy