bring (v.) 1
accompany, conduct, escort
AC III.xii.25 [Caesar to attendants, of the Ambassador] Bring him through the bands
H5 II.iii.1 [Hostess to Pistol] let me bring thee to Staines
JC III.ii.49 [First Plebeian to all, of Brutus] Bring him with triumph home unto his house
LLL V.ii.862 [King to Princess] we will bring you on your way
MA III.ii.3 [Claudio to Don Pedro] I'll bring you thither ... if you'll vouchsafe me
MM I.i.61 [Angelo to Duke] give leave ... / That we may bring you something on the way
MW IV.i.8 [Mistress Page to Mistress Quickly, of William] I'll but bring my young man here to school
R2 I.iii.304 [John of Gaunt to Bolingbroke] I'll bring thee on thy way
TG I.i.55 [Proteus to Valentine, of the harbour] thither will I bring thee