boot (v.) 1
help, serve, benefit, be useful [to]
3H6 I.iv.125 [York to Queen, of insulting him] It ... boots thee not, proud Queen
3H6 IV.iii.60 [Edward to all] It boots not to resist both wind and tide
Per I.ii.20 [Pericles alone, of Antiochus] Nor boots it me to say I honour [him]
R2 I.iii.174 [King Richard to Mowbray] It boots thee not to be compassionate
R2 III.iv.18 [Queen Isabel to First Lady] what I want it boots not to complain
TG I.i.28 [Valentine to Proteus] it boots thee not
Tit V.iii.18 [Lucius to Saturninus] What boots it thee to call thyself a sun?
WT III.ii.24 [Hermione to all, of the indictment against her] it shall scarce boot me / To say 'Not guilty'