fearful (adj.) 2
causing fear, awe-inspiring, terrifying, alarming
2H4 I.Induction.12 [Rumour alone] I, / Make fearful musters
2H4 IV.i.63 [Archbishop to Westmorland] I ... show awhile like fearful war
3H6 II.ii.27 [Clifford to King, of creatures] man's face be fearful to their eyes
Cym III.iv.44 [Innogen to Pisanio, of her sleeping] To break it with a fearful dream
E3 III.ii.33 [First Citizen to First Frenchman] they that have already taken arms / Are many fearful millions
JC I.iii.126 [Cassius to Casca] this fearful night, / There is no stir or walking in the streets
JC I.iii.78 [Cassius to Casca, of Caesar] A man ... prodigious grown, / And fearful
R3 I.i.11 [Richard alone, of war] mounting barbed steeds / To fright the souls of fearful adversaries
R3 V.iii.98 [Derby to Richmond] The leisure and the fearful time / Cuts off the ceremonious vows of love
Tem I.ii.469 [Miranda to Prospero, of Ferdinand] Make too not rash a trial of him, for / He's gentle, and not fearful [or: sense 1]
TN I.v.200 [Olivia to Viola as Cesario] Sure, you have some hideous matter to deliver, when the courtesy of it is so fearful [or: sense 1]