fleur-de-lis, flower-de-luce (n.)
heraldic lily [royal symbol of France]
1H6 I.i.80 [First Messenger to nobles] Cropped are the flower-de-luces in your arms
1H6 I.ii.99 [Pucelle to Charles] here is my keen-edged sword, / Decked with five flower-de-luces on each side
2H6 V.i.11 [York to himself, of his sceptre] On which I'll toss the flower-de-luce of France
E3 III.i.79 [King John to all, of King Edward] Dare he already crop the fleur-de-lis? [Q1 Flewer de Luce]
E3 III.ii.43 [Woman to all, of a lion] Shall carry hence the fleur-de-lis of France [Q1 fluerdeluce; Q2 Flower de Luce]
H5 V.ii.208 [King Henry to Katherine] What say'st thou, my fair flower-de-luce?