fair (adj.) 4
fine, pleasing, splendid, excellent
Cor IV.vi.119 [Menenius to Brutus and Sicinius] You have made fair hands, ... You have crafted fair!
E3 II.ii.6 [Audley to Derby, of the troops] [I] bring them hither / In fair array before his majesty
Sonn 78.2 [] So oft have I invoked thee for my Muse, / And found such fair assistance in my verse
TC III.i.43 [Pandarus to Paris] Fair be to you, my lord, and to all this fair company [second instance]
TG I.i.50 [Valentine to Proteus, of a lover] Losing ... all the fair effects of future hopes
Tim I.ii.12 [Timon to Ventidius] faults that are rich are fair [i.e. look fine in rich people]
Tim I.ii.144 [Timon to Ladies] You have ... / Set a fair fashion on our entertainment [i.e. added an attractive look]
Tim III.v.64 [Alcibiades to Second Senator, of his friend] 'has done fair service