fare (v.) 1
get on, manage, do, cope
1H4 V.iv.43 [Prince Hal to King Henry] Cheerly, my lord, how fares your grace?
1H6 II.v.4 [Mortimer to Gaolers] Even like a man new haled from the rack, / So fare my limbs with long imprisonment
1H6 IV.vi.27 [Talbot to John] Art thou not weary, John? How dost thou fare?
2H6 II.iv.100 [Duchess to Sheriff] Sheriff, farewell, and better than I fare
2H6 III.ii.33 [Queen to all, of the King] How fares my lord? Help, lords!
2H6 III.iii.1 [King to Cardinal] How fares my lord?
3H6 II.i.18 [Richard to Edward, of York in battle] So fared our father with his enemies
3H6 II.i.8 [Edward to Richard] How fares my brother? Why is he so sad?
3H6 V.v.89 [Edward to all] And see our gentle Queen how well she fares
AW II.i.145 [King to Helena] Fare thee well, kind maid.
AW II.i.98 [Lafew to King and Helena] Fare you well.
Cym III.i.82 [Cloten to Lucius] if you fall in the adventure, our crows shall fare the better for you
Cym V.v.235 [Pisanio to Innogen] How fares my mistress?
E3 I.ii.82 [Montague to Countess] How fares my aunt?
E3 II.i.192 [Countess to King Edward] Let my intrusion here be called my duty, / That comes to see my sovereign how he fares
E3 IV.vi.1 [Artois to Prince Edward] How fares your grace?
E3 IV.vi.53 [First Esquire to Audley] How fares my lord?
Ham III.ii.102 [Claudius to Hamlet] How fares our cousin Hamlet?
Ham III.ii.276 [Gertrude to and of Claudius] How fares my lord?
KJ V.iii.2 [Hubert to King John] How fares your majesty?
KL III.iv.119 [disguised Kent to Lear] How fares your grace?
KL IV.vii.44 [Cordelia to Lear] How does my royal lord? How fares your majesty?
LLL V.ii.721 [King to Princess] How fares your majesty?
Luc 1594 [of Collatine and Lucrece] He hath no power to ask her how she fares
Luc 698 [comparing Tarquin to a hound or hawk] So surfeit-taking Tarquin fares this night
Luc 721 [of Tarquin] To ask the spotted princess how she fares
PassP XIV.6 [Pilgrim, of his love saying ‘Farewell’ to him] Fare well I could not, for I supped with sorrow
Per IV.ii.75 [Bawd to Marina] You shall fare well
R2 II.i.71 [Queen Isabel to John of Gaunt] How fares our noble uncle Lancaster?
R2 II.iii.23 [Northumberland to Percy] Harry, how fares your uncle?
R3 III.i.96 [Prince Edward to York] how fares our loving brother?
R3 IV.i.37 [Dorset to Queen Elizabeth] Mother, how fares your grace?
R3 V.iii.83 [Richmond to Derby] Tell me, how fares our loving mother?
RJ V.i.15 [Romeo to Balthasar] How fares my Juliet?
Tem V.i.253 [Prospero to Alonso] How fares my gracious sir?
Tem V.i.7 [Prospero to Ariel] How fares the King and's followers?
Tim I.i.167 [Timon to all] Well fare you, gentleman
Tim III.vi.26 [Timon to Lucullus and Lucius] And how fare you?
Tim III.vi.35 [Timon to all] Feast your ears with the music awhile, if they will fare so harshly o'th' trumpet's sound.
TS induction.2.99 [Page to Sly] How fares my noble lord? Sly: Marry, I fare well
TS IV.iii.36 [Petruchio to Katherina] How fares my Kate?
WT II.ii.21 [Paulina to Emilia, of Hermione] How fares our gracious lady?
WT II.iii.18 [Leontes to Servant, of Mamillius] See how he fares
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