fit (n.) 1
fever, attack, seizure
2H4 I.i.142 [Northumberland to Morton] the wretch whose fever-weakened joints, / Like strengthless hinges, buckle under life, / Impatient of his fit
Cor III.ii.33 [Menenius to Volumnia] The violent fit o'th' time
E3 I.ii.162 [King Edward to himself, of the Countess] what fond fit can be heard / When wisdom keeps the gate as beauty's guard? [i.e. wisdom and beauty together must infatuate any listener]
KJ III.iv.114 [Cardinal Pandulph to Lewis the Dauphin, of curing disease] Even in the instant of repair and health, / The fit is strongest
Mac III.iv.20 [Macbeth to First Murderer, hearing that Fleance has escaped] Then comes my fit again
TNK V.ii.10 [Wooer to Doctor, of the Gaoler's Daughter] well she knew / What hour my fit would take me [pun: 11 with fit (v.) 4, 10]