fantastical (adj.) 1
fanciful, imaginative, full of wild ideas
AYL III.ii.393 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando] [I would be] proud, fantastical, apish
AYL III.iii.96 [Sir Oliver Martext to himself] ne'er a fantastical knave of them all shall flout me out of my calling
AYL IV.i.11 [Jaques to Rosalind] [I do not have] the musician's [melancholy], which is fantastical
LLL V.ii.526 [Armado to King, of Nathaniel] the schoolmaster is exceeding fantastical
MA II.i.67 [Beatrice to Hero, of wooing] like a Scotch jig, and full as fantastical
MA II.iii.20 [Benedick alone, of Claudio] his words are a very fantastical banquet
MM III.ii.88 [Lucio to disguised Duke, of the Duke] It was a mad fantastical trick of him to steal from the state
MM IV.iii.155 [Lucio to Isabella] the old fantastical Duke of dark corners
Oth II.i.217 [Iago to Roderigo, of Othello and Desdemona] for bragging and telling her fantastical lies
TN I.i.15 [Orsino to all, of love] it alone is high fantastical
TNK IV.iii.13 [Gaoler's Daughter to herself, of Emilia's schoolmaster] He's as fantastical, too, as ever he may go upon's legs
WT IV.iv.747 [Clown to Shepherd, of Autolycus] He seems to be the more noble in being fantastical