faith (n.) 2
constancy, fidelity, loyalty
2H4 IV.i.191 [Mowbray to Hastings] were our royal faiths martyrs in love [i.e. were our constancy tested by death]
AC III.xiii.43 [Enobarbus to himself] The loyalty well held to fools does make / Our faith mere folly
H8 III.i.53 [Wolsey to Queen Katherine] So deep suspicion, where all faith was meant
KJ V.vii.75 [Bastard to all] Show now your mended faiths
MA I.i.69 [Beatrice to Messenger, of Benedick] he wears his faith but as the fashion of his hat
MA II.i.165 [Claudio alone] beauty is a witch / Against whose charms faith melteth into blood
TC V.ii.67 [Troilus to himself, of Cressida] O beauty, where is thy faith?
TNK [Theseus to all] Ye make my faith reel [i.e. to keep my oath]
TNK IV.ii.46 [Emilia alone] my virgin's faith has fled me