fortune (n.) 1
good fortune, success
2H4 I.i.15 [Lord Bardolph to Northumberland] in the fortune of my lord your son, / Prince Harry slain
2H4 I.i.23 [Lord Bardolph to Northumberland] such a day ... / Came not till now to dignify the times / Since Caesar's fortunes
Cor IV.vii.38 [Aufidius to Lieutenant] pride, / Which out of daily fortune ever taints / The happy man
Cym IV.i.10 [Cloten alone, of himself compared to Posthumus] not beneath him in fortunes
KJ III.i.333 [Blanche to King Philip] Father, I may not wish the fortune thine
KL V.iii.163 [Edmund to disguised Edgar] what art thou / That hast this fortune on me? [i.e. victory over me]
Mac III.i.77 [Macbeth to Murderers, of Banquo] it was he in the times past which held you / So under fortune [i.e. in a lowly state]
MW IV.v.43 [Simple to Falstaff, of Slender and Anne] if it were my master's fortune to have her or no [pun: 45, opportunity]
TNK II.i.291 [Palamon alone] Would I were / For all the fortune of my life hereafter / Yon little tree [i.e. as my only destiny]
TS I.i.16 [Lucentio to Tranio, of himself] To deck his fortune with his virtuous deeds