figure (n.) 3
copy, image, likeness
Cym V.iv.25 [Posthumus alone to the gods, of his life] Though light, take pieces for the figure's sake [i.e. although my life is of less value, accept the pieces of it for the sake of the image on the coins]
MM I.i.16 [Duke to Escalus, of Angelo] What figure of us think you he will bear?
MM I.i.49 [Angelo to Duke] Let there be some more test made of my metal / Before so noble and so great a figure / Be stamped upon't [i.e. the function of the Duke]
R2 IV.i.125 [Bishop of Carlisle to all, of King Richard] shall the figure of God's majesty ... / Be judged by subject and inferior breath
TG III.ii.6 [Duke to Thurio] a figure / Trenched in ice
TNK II.i.87 [Arcite to Palamon] No figures of ourselves shall we e'er see / To glad our age