foul (adj.) 1
plain-looking, unattractive, ugly
AC I.ii.73 [Iras to Charmian] it is a deadly sorrow to behold a foul knave uncuckolded
AYL III.iii.35 [Audrey to Touchstone] I thank the gods I am foul [i.e. I'm happy to be the way I am]
AYL III.v.62 [Rosalind as Ganymede to Phebe] Foul is most foul, being foul to be a scoffer [i.e. ugliness is at its worst when it is increased by scoffing]
Oth II.i.138 [Desdemona to Iago] What miserable praise hast thou for her that's foul and foolish?
TS I.ii.68 [Petruchio to Hortensio, of a rich wife] Be she as foul as was Florentius' love
Ven 133 [Venus to Adonis] Were I hard-favoured, foul, or wrinkled-old
Ven 773 [Adonis to Venus, of night] desire's foul nurse