forswear (v), past forms forsworn, forswore 1
swear falsely, perjure [oneself], break one's word
1H4 V.ii.38 [Worcester to Hotspur, of King Henry] now forswearing that he is forsworn
3H6 I.ii.18 [Richard to York] God forbid your grace should be forsworn
3H6 V.v.75 [Queen to George] thou usest to forswear thyself [i.e. you are in the habit of committing perjury]
AYL I.ii.65 [Touchstone to Rosalind] was not the knight forsworn
AYL I.ii.73 [Touchstone to Celia and Rosalind] if you swear by that that is not, you are not forsworn
AYL V.iv.55 [Touchstone to Duke Senior] I press in here ... to swear and to forswear, according as marriage binds and blood breaks
CE IV.ii.10 [Adriana to Luciana, of Antipholus of Syracuse] And true he swore, though yet forsworn he were
CE V.i.212 [Angelo to himself, of Adriana and Luciana] They are both forsworn
H5 IV.viii.12 [Williams to Gower] Do you think I'll be forsworn?
KJ III.i.101 [Constance to King Philip] You are forsworn
KJ III.i.284 [Cardinal Pandulph to King Philip] The truth thou art unsure / To swear, swears only not to be forsworn
KJ III.i.62 [Constance to Salisbury, of King Philip] is not France forsworn?
KJ V.iv.31 [Melun to Pembroke, Salisbury, and Bigot, of Lewis the Dauphin] He is forsworn if e'er those eyes of yours / Behold another daybreak in the east
LLL I.i.147 [Berowne to King] Necessity will make us all forsworn
LLL I.ii.163 [Armado alone] I shall be forsworn ... if I love
LLL II.i.98 [Princess to and of King] He'll be forsworn
LLL IV.ii.105 [Nathaniel reading Berowne's letter to Rosaline] If love make me forsworn, how shall I swear to love?
LLL IV.iii.114 [Dumaine reading his verses to Katharine] Do not call it sin in me, / That I am forsworn for thee
LLL IV.iii.217 [Berowne to all, of being in love] Therefore of all hands must we be forsworn
LLL IV.iii.281 [Berowne to King, of all being in love] nothing so sure, and thereby all forsworn
LLL IV.iii.361 [Berowne alone] Light wenches may prove plagues to men forsworn
LLL IV.iii.44 [Longaville to himself] I am forsworn!
LLL V.ii.440 [Princess to King] Your oath once broke, you force not to forswear
LLL V.ii.471 [Berowne to his companions] We are again forsworn
LLL V.ii.821 [Katharine to Dumaine] Yet swear not, lest ye be forsworn again
MA I.i.144 [Leonato to Don Pedro] If you swear ... you shall not be forsworn
Mac IV.iii.126 [Malcolm to Macduff] I ... never was forsworn
MM IV.i.2 [Boy singing] take those lips away / That so sweetly were forsworn
MM V.i.38 [Isabella to Duke] That Angelo's forsworn, is it not strange?
MND I.i.240 [Helena alone] As waggish boys in game themselves forswear, / So the boy love is perjured everywhere
MV III.ii.11 [Portia to Bassanio] I could teach you / How to choose right, but then I am forsworn
MW IV.v.92 [Falstaff alone] I never prospered since I foreswore myself at primero
Pass P V.1 [] If love make me forsworn, how shall I swear to love?
R3 I.iii.135 [Richard to Queen Elizabeth] Poor Clarence ... forswore himself
RJ III.ii.87 [Nurse to Juliet, of men] All forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers
RJ III.v.237 [Juliet alone] Is it more sin to wish me thus forsworn, / Or to dispraise my lord
Sonn 152.1 []In loving thee thou know'st I am forsworn, / But thou art twice forsworn, to me love swearing
Sonn 66.4 [] purest faith unhappily forsworn
Sonn 88.4 []I'll ... prove thee virtuous, though thou art forsworn
TC V.ii.23 [Diomedes to Cressida] You are forsworn
TG II.v.2 [Launce to Speed] Forswear not thyself, sweet youth
TG [Proteus alone] To leave my Julia, shall I be forsworn
TG IV.ii.10 [Proteus alone, of Silvia] She bids me think how I have been forsworn / In breaking faith with Julia
Tit V.i.130 [Aaron to all, of his evil deeds] Accuse some innocent and forswear myself
Ven 726 [Venus to Adonis] thy lips / Make modest Dian cloudy and forlorn, / Lest she should steal a kiss, and die forsworn
WT V.i.199 [Lord to Leontes, of the rustics] they ... / Forswear themselves as often as they speak
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