forbear (v.) 1
stop, cease, desist
1H6 III.i.106 [Gloucester to Servingmen, of their fighting] Let me persuade you to forbear awhile
1H6 IV.vii.49 [Charles to Bastard] O, no, forbear!
2H6 II.iv.58 [Gloucester to Duchess, of her fears for his safety] Ah, Nell, forbear!
2H6 III.ii.46 [King to Suffolk] Lay not thy hands on me; forbear, I say
3H6 IV.i.6 [Somerset to all] My lords, forbear this talk; here comes the King
3H6 IV.i.75 [Edward to Lady Grey] My love, forbear to fawn upon their frowns
3H6 IV.i.75 [Edward to Lady Grey, of all] forbear to fawn upon their frowns
AC I.iii.11 [Charmian to Cleopatra] I wish, forbear
AYL II.vii.88 [Orlando to all] Forbear, and eat no more
AYL II.vii.98 [Orlando to all] But forbear, I say
Cym I.i.68 [First Gentleman to Second Gentleman] We must forbear.
Cym V.v.124 [Belarius to Arviragus and Guiderius, of disguised Innogen] he eyes us not, forbear
H8 V.iii.86 [Lord Chancellor to Cromwell and Gardiner, of their quarrel] Forbear, for shame, my lords
KL I.i.162 [Albany and Cornwall to Lear] Dear sir, forbear!
LLL I.i.193 [Berowne to Longaville, of patience] To hear, or forbear hearing?
LLL I.ii.120 [Mote to Armado, of singing] Forbear till this company be passed
LLL V.ii.439 [Princess to King] Peace, peace, forbear!
MM IV.iii.123 [disguised Duke to Isabella, of her complaining] Forbear it therefore, give your cause to heaven
MW II.iii.15 [Rugby to Caius] Forbear. Here's company
Oth I.ii.10 [Iago to Othello, of Roderigo] I did full hard forbear him
Oth IV.i.52 [Iago to Cassio, of Cassio's suggestion of rubbing Othello's temples] No, forbear
R2 IV.i.30 [Bolingbroke to Bagot, of Aumerle's gage] Bagot, forbear. Thou shalt not take it up
R3 I.i.104 [Brakenbury to Richard, of Clarence] Forbear your conference with the noble Duke
R3 IV.iv.118 [Queen Margaret to Queen Elizabeth] Forbear to sleep the nights, and fast the days
RJ III.i.85 [Romeo to Mercutio and Tybalt] Forbear this outrage!
RJ V.iii.220 [Prince to all] Meantime, forbear, / And let mischance be slave to patience
Sonn 139.6 []forbear to glance thine eye aside
TG III.i.202 [Proteus to Launce] Villain, forbear
TG V.iv.122 [Valentine to Outlaws] Forbear, / Forbear, I say!
Tit V.ii.161 [Chiron to all] Villains, forbear! We are the Empress' sons
TS III.i.1 [Lucentio as Cambio to Hortensio as Licio] Fiddler, forbear, you grow too forward, sir [or: sense 3]
WT V.iii.80 [Paulina to Leontes, of kissing Hermione's statue] Good my lord, forbear
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