foil (v.) 1
defeat, overcome; throw [in wrestling]
3H6 V.iv.42 [Prince to all, of the effect of the Queen's words on a coward] make him, naked, foil a man at arms
AYL I.i.122 [Charles to Oliver, of Orlando] I would be loath to foil him
Cor I.ix.48 [Martius to all] I have not ... foiled some debile wretch
Sonn 25.10 [of a warrior] After a thousand victories once foiled, / Is from the book of honour razed forth
TC I.iii.372 [Ulysses to Nestor, of Achilles] If he were foiled, / Why then we did our main opinion crush / In taint of our best man
Ven 114 [Venus to Adonis] brag not of thy might, / For mastering her that foiled the god of fight!