figure (n.) 2
figure of speech, device, piece of rhetoric
1H4 I.iii.207 [Worcester to Northumberland, of Hotspur] He apprehends a world of figures here
AC III.ii.16 [Enobarbus to Agrippa] Hearts, tongues, figures, scribes, bards
AYL V.i.40 [Touchstone to William] it is a figure in rhetoric
Ham II.ii.98 [Polonius to Claudius and Gertrude] a foolish figure
LLL I.ii.54 [Armado to Mote, of Mote's argument] A most fine figure!
LLL IV.ii.67 [Holofernes to Nathaniel and Dull, of his literary gift] full of forms, figures, shapes
LLL V.i.60 [Holofernes to Mote] What is the figure?
LLL V.ii.408 [Berowne to Rosaline] spruce affection, / Figures pedantical
TG II.i.140 [Speed to Valentine, of Silvia] she woos you by a figure [i.e. in a roundabout way]
TNK III.v.15 [Schoolmaster to all, of the Duke] And unto him I utter learned things, / And many figures
TNK III.v.21 [Schoolmaster to all] And sweetly, by a figure, trace and turn
TNK III.v.5 [Schoolmaster to all] And, by a figure [i.e. to use a figure of speech]
TS I.ii.112 [Grumio to Hortensio, of Petruchio and Katherina] he will throw a figure in her face, and so disfigure her with it