fealty (n.)
[feudal obligation of obedience] duty of loyalty, allegiance, fidelity
2H6 V.i.50 [York to Buckingham] let my sovereign ... / Command my eldest son - nay, all my sons - / As pledges of my fealty and love
Cym V.iv.73 [Second Brother, to music] Our fealty ... / with honour to maintain
E3 I.i.79 [King Edward to Lorraine, of the King of France] Dare he command a fealty in me?
R2 V.ii.45 [York to Duchess of York, of Aumerle] I am in Parliament pledge for his truth / And lasting fealty to the new-made King
TG II.iv.89 [Silvia to Valentine, of Julia holding Proteus' eyes prisoner] she hath enfranchised them / Upon some other pawn for fealty
Tit I.i.260 [Saturninus to Romans] forget your fealty to me