lay (v.) 2
attribute, ascribe, impute
AC II.ii.59 [Caesar to Antony] You praise yourself / By laying defects of judgement to me
AC V.ii.129 [Caesar to Cleopatra] if you seek / To lay on me a cruelty
Ham IV.i.17 [Claudius to Gertrude, of Polonius' death] It will be laid to us
R2 I.i.84 [King Richard to Bolingbroke] What doth our cousin lay to Mowbray's charge?
R3 I.iii.325 [Richard alone] The secret mischiefs that I set abroach / I lay unto the grievous charge of others
R3 I.iii.96 [Richard to Rivers, of Queen Elizabeth] She may ... lay those honours on your high desert