broil (n.) 1
turmoil, confused fighting, battle
1H4 I.i.3 [King Henry to all] we ... breathe short-winded accents of new broils
1H4 I.i.47 [King Henry to Westmorland] the tidings of this broil / Brake off our business for the Holy Land
1H6 I.i.53 [Bedford as if to the spirit of Henry V] Prosper this realm, keep it from civil broils
1H6 III.i.112 [King to Winchester] who should study to prefer a peace / If holy churchmen take delight in broils?
1H6 IV.i.185 [Exeter alone, of Richard's heart] I fear we should have seen deciphered there ... more furious raging broils
1H6 V.iv.97 [Winchester to Richard] the states of Christendom, / Moved with remorse of these outrageous broils
3H6 V.v.1 [Edward to all] Now here a period of tumultuous broils
Cor III.i.33 [Sicinius to Coriolanus] Stop, / Or all will fall in broil
Cor III.ii.81 [Volumnia to Coriolanus] Thou art their soldier, and being bred in broils / Hast not the soft way
E3 IV.iv.128 [Prince Edward to Audley] Thyself are busy and bit with many broils
Mac I.ii.6 [Malcolm to Captain] Say to the King the knowledge of the broil / As thou didst leave it
Oth I.iii.87 [Othello to all] little of this great world can I speak / More than pertains to feats of broil and battle
Sonn 55.6 [] When ... broils root out the work of masonry
TC Prologue.27 [Prologue] our play / Leaps o'er the vaunt and firstlings of those broils