late, of
recently, a little while ago
1H6 II.v.42 [Mortimer to Richard] Why didst thou say of late thou wert despised?
1H6 III.ii.113 [Bedford to himself] They that of late were daring with their scoffs
Cor III.i.42 [Brutus to Coriolanus, of the citizens] of late, / When corn was given them gratis, you repined
Cym IV.ii.345 [Lucius to Soothsayer] What have you dreamed of late of this war's purpose?
H8 III.ii.338 [Suffolk to Wolsey] all those things you have done of late / By your power legatine within this kingdom / Fall into th'compass of a praemunire
H8 V.i.97 [King Henry to Cranmer] I have, and most unwillingly, of late / Heard many grievous ... complaints of you
KL II.iv.39 [disguised Kent to Lear, of the messenger] which of late / Displayed so saucily against your highness
LLL V.ii.361 [Princess to King] A mess of Russians left us but of late
MM II.iv.114 [Angelo to Isabella] You seemed of late to make the law a tyrant
MM IV.ii.71 [disguised Duke to Provost] Who called here of late?
TG V.ii.32 [Duke to Proteus and Thurio] Which of you saw Sir Eglamour of late?
Tim I.i.81 [Poet to Painter, of Timon in his poem] All those which were his fellows but of late