lie (v.) 1
live, dwell, reside, lodge
1H6 II.ii.41 [Messenger to Talbot, of the Countess of Auvergne] vouchsafe / To visit her poor castle where she lies
2H4 III.ii.270 [Shallow to Falstaff] when I lay at Clement's Inn
AW III.v.30 [Widow to all, of Helena] she will lie at my house
Cor I.ix.81 [Coriolanus to Cominius] I sometime lay here in Corioles / At a poor man's house
JC III.i.286 [Servant to Antony, of Octavius] He lies tonight within seven leagues of Rome
LLL I.i.146 [King to all, of the Princess of France] She must lie here on mere necessity
MW II.i.167 [Ford to Page, of Falstaff] Does he lie at the Garter?
R2 III.iii.25 [Percy to Bolingbroke] King Richard lies / Within the limits of yon lime and stone
TG IV.ii.133 [disguised Julia to Host] where lies Sir Proteus?
TS IV.iv.56 [Tranio as Lucentio to Baptista, of his lodging] There doth my father lie